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When the workers first came and started slowly traversing their way over the NC mountains, silent, stealthy movement was their goal , but their footsteps echoed down into the valleys and soon the mountain people of Appalachia and North Carolina knew something was coming. The workers mapped routes and planned visionary feats of engineering that seemed things of magic and myth to those who most intimately knew the moods of the peaks surrounding them. Rumors of a highway floated down from the misty mountaintops and the people decided to fight back against this imposition of outsiders and technology, but the great thing about America is that it welcomes all men and every outsider is just waiting their turn to become an insider. So the parkway was built and it met all expectations of grandeur and the great Blue Ridge Mountains became a destination, while still maintaining their mystery and pockets of seclusion. The great road meant that isolation became a choice and not a way of life.

My grandparents fell in love at the same time that they fell in love with the mountains. The momentum of expectations took them from high school sweethearts to newlyweds, but it was motoring across the parkway that solidified their commitment and introduced them to the idea of serendipity. Perhaps their marriage was more than just a leap of faith, but an act of destiny. It was along those mountain roads, away from their families that they felt free enough as individuals to create a vision for their future as a couple. They spoke honestly about wants and desires, without regard to propriety and they managed to learn more about each other in a day�s drive than in years of courtship marked by rituals and boundaries. High among the rhododendrons and blooming dogwoods, they felt freedom. They relaxed into the unknown as each new curve brought a new vista. And somewhere along mile post 316, they both realized that they had found home.

It was my dad who had the good fortune of growing up in a log cabin among the mountains and the waterfalls near Waterfront Cabins For Sale In North Carolina. His backyard, his playground was a thing of such beauty that people travel from around the country, around the world, to see the landscape of his life. If every story has a setting, for him, the setting is its own character. It took on a life and personality that could not be separated from his own character. He was absorbed by the mountains and the mountains were absorbed by him.

My father has a way of delivering stories in a very matter of fact way, but to the average listener, the things he describes are magical. I will admit, that as I got older and learned that my parents were people, I took on a lens of skepticism that made his stories seem silly and contrived. As a young adult, I thought his accounts of lightning bugs and town fairs were too whimsical and more the fodder for children�s ears. I thought myself too grown not to see through the obvious nostalgia that colored all his recollections.

It is hard to say why the shift happened, but I can definitely pinpoint when it happened. I had been to my grandparent�s log house before. They never left the mountains because staying meant they had all the freedom they wanted and it just so happened, that in a fit of wanderlust, I went to visit them, not knowing that freedom was the very thing I didn�t know I was looking for. And for the first time, I began to notice the beauty and simplicity of the mountain Log Cabins For Sale in North Carolina. I noticed the quiet and I noticed that the silence was saturated with a palpable energy. It is a strange and wonderful thing to feel alone and so alive at the same time. And in that instance, I realized that my dad was not embellishing his stories. He was simply relaying the wonderful truth of his life.

A short time later, I came to call the Blue Ridge Mountains home as well and now my own children get to explore nature every day. And they are encouraged every day to grow and dream in a way that mirrors the landscape around them. They are inspired to be limitless.

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